2013 - 2021

My sweet Dexter, choosing to say goodbye was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. But you were in so much pain. I know it was your time to go but I miss you so much.

Memories of you bring tears to my eyes but the past few days I have recalled memories that make me laugh through my tears.

So as a memorial to you, I want to share one of my funniest memories of you with others that are grieving for their pets.

One of your favorite places to lounge was at the front glass door.
You loved watching the birds, bugs, squirrels, chipmunks and lizards that were exploring a few feet or inches safely out of your reach.

Many times you banged your nose on the glass when a bird or bee got close enough to their reflection in the one way film I had put on the front door for your viewing pleasure.

One day you got that "seize the day" moment, when I opened the door to sign for a package.

You darted out the door, lickety split, after a lizard that you had been window stalking all morning.
I ran after you but that lizard was quick and it disappeared off the deck before I even knew what you were chasing.
I still remember (in slow motion) your backside and your tail frantically trying to squeeze the rest of your body through the narrow rails on the deck.
I was sure that you were stuck but your determination paid off as you disappeared under the deck!

By this time I was so upset that you got out of the house.
I kept calling you and looking for you but I couldn't see under the deck.
Finally, I spotted you on the opposite side from me and quietly worked my way around to your location.
I was so glad you didn't see me sneaking up behind you.
It caught you completely off guard when I swiftly and firmly picked you up.

You immediately started squirming like crazy trying to get down out of my arms and I had to re-adjust my grip...
That's when I saw a lizard tail dangling out of your mouth!!

I couldn't help but laugh as I headed back around the porch to take you in the house.

I only made it one or two steps before you attempted to turn into the incredible hulk cat.

I'm not sure if it was the sudden shock of being captured or just fate, but somehow that lizard escaped your mouth!

When I finally got your wiggling body back into the house, you camped out at the front door with your eyes locked on the edge of the porch.

Even though you were a bad boy because you got outside, I still praised your efforts as usual with a "Good Boy, Dexter!".

I do believe that If love could have healed you, you would have lived forever.
You we'll live forever in my heart ❤️

In loving memory of Dexter, my incredible tuxedo tabby cat!