2016 - 2020

Lufa, The last thing I expected was to lose you this soon. You have impacted my life and hundreds of others. You won't ever be alone, because when you left this world, you took me with you. My heart has a hole in it that will never be replaced, but surrounding that hole is full of every ounce of Love I carry for you. I am so sorry my sweet baby girl. You are my everything. You were so smart, talkative, strong, and special. There's no way I could have planned for this, and even if I was warned prior, I still couldn't have ever been prepared. You were the sparkle in my eyes, you saved my life so many times, you were my fuzzy human and now you are everywhere. I don't know how to do this without you. I never will, but I will continue to live knowing I will see you when my time has come. I'm so sorry your time came before it should have. This wasn't written in the stars. Mommy will always love you. My sweet poof. 💔