Parker Mae “Parkie”

2012 - 2021

Parkie was the sweetest soul I believe I have ever met. I have no doubt that everyone's dog is the best dog in the world to them and for them. I remember being little and thinking that people saying something was the "best in the world," sure was short-sighted. I remember thinking that there was no way anyone could even know what would the absolute best anything is - the world is too variable - and life is rarely static, even when we try to force it to be.

Parkie taught me so much. See, she's the one who taught me that there can be more than one "best in the world," and that sometimes "world" is simply the things you hold dear and deem important. She was without question the center of my and my husband's world; but, she also lovingly and sweetly found a place in the world of everyone she ever met. She was so gifted that way.
I believe in miracles and Parkie has been one of the purest I have ever been blessed enough to receive. She is still with us in spirit - she will always be. I thank God for the time we had with her, and I am confident that she is in "Dog Heaven" finding new spirits to uplift, and in her own special way, continuing to save lives - just like she did for me.

Once we learned that Parkie was terminally ill, I did my best to not let a day pass without singing "You Are My Sunshine" to her. I always switched up the lyrics to push through whatever obstacle was at hand - at-home subcutaneous fluids, new meds, upset tummy, and a tiredness to the bone. I know her raysof light are unable to be dulled.

I am so grateful for sweet Parker Mae and for places like this, where stories are able to be shared in love and support. Thank you for taking the time to read Parkie's memorial. God bless each of you .