2004 - 2019

Skyy Biscuit Cobb came into our lives from a simple trip to a flea market and bought with the only $5.00 we had in our pockets. She came home to us and grew up with us through dating, an engagement, marriage and love. Skyy was the child we were never able to have, so her presence in our lives was often the glue the held us together. Life these days is just a little quieter. There’s no more sounds of your nails on our floors, no more sounds of you going up and down our stairs, and when we come home we have to face the empty chair where you loved to sit. We do have good memories to cherish, your ability to calm us after a long day, the precious view of your gorgeous blue eyes, and simpler times of you running as fast as you could. We will miss you forever Skyy girl. Go chase some bumble bees, snuggle up to those we miss, and we will see you soon on the other side of the rainbow.

She’s a good girl
Loves her mama
Loves Jesus
And her daddy too